West Town Caps Meeting – Here’s what they are like

Posted on August 13th, 2010 in West Town.

In living in the middle of the city, I love going to CAPS meetings now and then. I have been to them for the 12th, 13th and 1st districts.

If you have not seen it yet, you should see the police stats on the city website.  You go to these meetings, you get a printout of them and a verbal explanation of what’s going on in your local beat.

Once in awhile there is a CAPS meeting on the street.
This was the first one I went to like this.
The officers show up and do a roll call on the street and they did so on August 12th at the corner of Erie and Ashland.
Here are my quick observations.
Wow, 20 + officers are on the beat at one time for this little area.

An Alderman, the commander…

Alderman Burnett spoke, he was loud and clear.
A big walk away from this.  I was surprised to know that Jesse White sits in an office each week and just meets people.  And that Alderman Burnett does the same.

Community concerns can be input into system online.  At this beat meeting there were twelve.
Here’s an example:
1848 Erie. Teenagers and gangs hanging out.

1659 Erie report of prostitution.
At 1859 Huron narcotics concerns were registered and they are buzzing by alot and eyeballing the guys now.

We are encouraged to go online to city website and register community concerns.  This is cool and very high tech. You don’t just call 911 now you actually go online.

And the next caps meeting in Sept will show us exactly how to do this.  Wow… in one month there were only 29 arrests on my beat. That’s not bad. But lets get it down to 0. That would be a utopia.
When the sign in sheet came to me there were 56 names on it… cool… but I counted at least 70 people there… outside of the 20 cops ….

Sgt Claus gave a quick report…
8 threatened officer on Grand avenue.
They got all of them… Supposedly…these are the local gang guys that bop around with hats to the side. It turns out I can help out.
On the 19 Th of August looking for court advocates. 9 am Belmont and Western and be a “community advocate” and stand up and show the judge that people care and to lock these guys up for their actions.

Turns out I can borrow an engraver from the station to engrave my initials and last four digits of social on my bike… incase it’s stolen it wont go at the auction. This is cool.

Then the community members spoke up and asked alot of questions and let them know other problemos …

Cool meeting and a show of force.

And best yet.. we all signed in and the caps citizen leader is going to give us all a phone tree by email to organize us so we can call each other now…. Look out gangbangers… we have blackberry’s and iphones and were going to be all over you guys now.

West Town is on the rise!!