West Side Gem – Adams and Sangamon Park Excites and Feeds Need

Posted on October 8th, 2010 in All Articles, West Loop, West Town, Wicker Park & Bucktown.

The new park that opened in the West Loop at Adams and Sangamon is a hit. There is a surge of activity there. A few months ago Skinner’s double playlot next the the school on Monroe/Adams was packed to the gills. Now it’s less crowded… because this new exciting park is pulling kids over to it.
Yes it cost over 20 million dollars… but look at the huge “utility” economic benefits. You will have happier West Loopers on the streets. We will have happier and better rested dogs who bark less and we will happier kids who play together and become friends in the park.
So many benefits to having this park… See my personal 30 second quick video tour Adams and Sangamon West Loop Park.

There is a fog sculpture to keep you cool in summer.

There is a wonderful dog park.
The cement is dog friendly.. and I like it best because my dogs nails get worn down so I don’t have to clip them as she plays.
There is a hose at the ready to clean up too. And, the turf grass keeps the car clean – since there is no mud.

I like the diagonal pathway. It is a nice clean feeling… and it creates more green space.

Diagonal Walk Cuts Across Park

The designers of this park: Chicago’s Site Design Group, worked closely with the West Loop Community Organization, which polled neighbors and decided against a baseball diamond, against any skating area, etc. The result is great. It’s mounds, and sunken areas to escape the sounds and business day. It’s many condo owners “yard” now and the various “spaces” defined by the mounds create those personalized little vistas and hideaways.

My only complaint is the lack of more trees. No orchard type fill in. I hope they work on this. The little cluster of birch or ash trees in the south east part of the park is a nice effort but more tress–many more should be planted soon.