We go all the way.. to an auction to get your Short Sale SOLD!

Posted on March 9th, 2010 in Short Selling/Buying.

You have a property… you know five brokers.. who’s the best to list a short sale? How do you know?

Well start by asking how many people each broker has actually saved from foeclosure. Then ask for address and details of the battles… each short sale is a battle.. .they are alot of work. And you get your nails dirty.. you burn alot of gas… and your thumb gets numb from dialing alot.  As the Broker of our firm I personally handle our pricing strategy and Broker Price Opinions and screen and communicate with our negotiators weekly once under contract.

I believe we are the best suited brokerage and team to sell a property for you because we have experience and we have a marketing system and follow up that is the best in the city.  I have sold more property than 95% real estate agents practicing in the City—in our board of 16000 realtors. Since 2003 I have closed personally $75 Million in over 280 deals and won top producer awards and participated in National Mastermind training to use the latest technology, scripts and follow up systems to get Short  Seller’s under contract.. so we can get down to business negotiation our client out of a deficiency.

We do thefollowing… –    Post to the MLS.  Over 200 Email notifications will be  sent out to pre-approved buyers working with realtors. .  .

–    Post to the National Listing Service (Point 2 Homes).  This syndication service posts to over 20+ highly trafficked real estate web sites.  The property will likely be viewed over 6 times a day

–    Custom built website by our office.  We estimate at least  125 or more unique visitors to visit in the first month that visit and download.

–    High quality HDR photos showcasing the inside of the property will be used on all marketing materials and slide shows.  9 used for the MLS and 1-15 used on other marketing.

–     manual postings to Craigslist.  Multiple postings per week. This is one of our top 3 lead generators. But conversion of these leads takes skill and follow up. We are there and have a hotline 24 hours a day.

Again these marketing techniques have helped us to sell over $75 Million in 5 years.

Auction At 30 Days

If our our standard marketing does not cause an offer of worth by day 50 we propose and “auction” called “Sold In A Week”. We have bought and used this franchised system that has a high success rate to get a property under contract.

When we have decided to do our Sold in a Week program in 2009 previously we have found 60% bring a contract close enough to market value to go under contract.

Agents across the country are using it and it has about a 72% success rate of getting homes sold.  This is how we generated the current offer.  Below is what we would do to find our best buyer:

–   Create another custom website with info on the property and the terms of the sale.

–   Drop 1,000 flyers across the neighborhood with the open house date, time and terms of the sale with the website.

–   Put 50+ signs out around to property to drive foot and car traffic to the property.

–   Posted multiple ads on Craigslist each day for 2 weeks.

Expected Results from friendly auction

–   On average 20 people attended the auction open house.

–   On average for our auctions 2 to 5 online bids and 6 to 9  on site bids.

–   On average 3 to 5  buyers engaged in a round-robbin bidding to arrive at the highest, best offer and hopefully meet seller’s reserve price(the price you need to close).

We feel that our marketing goes above and beyond the competition in the area.  As far as we know we are the only Team doing this Sold in a Week “auction” marketing system in the entire city of Chicago.