We are waited on by the Best for our Coffee

Posted on July 30th, 2010 in All Articles, Bridgeport, Chinatown, Lincoln Square/Roscoe/North Center.

Coffee spots always raise property values. Lincoln Square is blessed with many, Pilsen, Chinatown with few. As a neighborhood like Bridgeport is struggling to go to the top tier it’s hoping to get a few Starbucks  (has not gotten one yet). And.. .so when you live near a Intelligencia you know you have made it. I think of Starbucks as the “McDonalds” of coffee stops… whereas I see Intelligencia as the best of the best… but it’s not as expensive. And, if you pull a ring of market values around the Intelligencia’s in the city you will see those markets have fared well … far better than many of the Starbucks locale’s markets… Anyway… being in Real Estate I think this way but for a moment lets zero in on taste of coffee. The best is   Intelligensia. And if you have not watched the Fox Interview of the cool Barista Michael Phllips that won the 2010 Barista Championship then check it out. My wife has followed this compeition for years and really was cheering for this guy and I thought it was a silly self promotion until I actually read about it. It turns out that this is a extremely competitive thing. He had to win the US prize/status.. and then go to the Olympics of coffee where he had to win three rounds serving four judges each time.

We can all take pride that the best coffee is prepared in Chicago… and the best of the best is training Baristas’ all over Chicago to serve us.