Stearns Quarry Park 2700 s Halsted Is Open!

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 in Bridgeport, Bronzeville, Chinatown, Pilsen, South Loop.

Yeah… it sat there and sat there.. .and sat there… and we all drove by thinking what the hell is going on.. this is Daley land and they can’t get the CPD to get this thing done.. what happened to the 11th ward sting?

Well it’s finally open… and the Pols were falling over themselves to get credit for some green space and a cool open hole in the ground that I knew was never there til I went and check it out. Yes, a real open deep quarry like in the movies.. city right there in brideport. If you have not seen it you’ll be amazed… it’s behind that big hill on Halsted.. back behind it.

It was the only quarry within the city limts and later became… yes, you guessed it… a landfill!! It was then filled with tons of garbage. So there are wonderful things under that big mound. The 35 foot of garbage provides views though.. and there’s grass on top now.

If your looking at buying a home near this quarry… and taking advantage of the orange line, the 55 on ramp and the cool aura of Bridgeport.. .I know the area very well.
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