Pilsen Market Update – June 2010

Posted on June 2nd, 2010 in Pilsen.

Now that the Tax Break Buyer’s are gone, it’s time for a new Comparable Market Analysis and a fresh look at your options.
If you’re a buyer–it’s time to take advantage of the amazing opportunities out there. If you’re a seller, it’s time to regroup, stage your home, freshen up your marketing and launch with a fresh and aggressive approach.

Pilsen Market Update

Being the Market Leader for so long in the Pilsen area and the expert in the market, the Phil Buoscio Team and its Brokerage Better Living Realty has been aggressive in finding Sellers top dollar over the years. We see the strength’s of the area–and explain them well–we know we are selling a home and a neighborhood–we articulate the area amenities, the prime location, the wonderful fabric of community and culture of Pilsen and Heart of Chicago.  Perhaps it’s because we have lived here and own here that we have been able to better communicate and sell more property than anyone else (see chart).

Pilsen has seen harder times than other communities–but its rise will return.   Click here for a PDF showing more details on the Pilsen single family home market and condo market.  Here are some key stats to look over for a brief summary of the recent market:

Single Family Homes (Pilsen/Heart of Chicago):  Average Sale Price of $136,400 over the last 6 months.

Single Family Homes (Pilsen/Heart of Chicago):  Average List Price of $314,435 over the last 6 months.