Pilsen June To July ’09 2-4 Unit Sales

Posted on August 10th, 2009 in All Articles.

Here are the two most recent months of Closed 2-4 units in the Pilsen neighborhood.  We see that for June and July there were 4 closing respectively in each month for the 2-4 unit property type.  What is still plauging Pilsen and many other neighborhoods across the city is the short sale and bank owned inventory that is still on the market.  75% of the closings in these 2 months were either a short sale or bank owned property.  The 2 non-short/bank owned properties were similar 2 units that closed above $300k, showing that there is still some demand for a well kept 2-4 unit that has owner occupied potential.  Most of the short sale and bank owned properties in general don’t have that move in readiness that some buyers need or would like.  So if you own a 2 flat in Pilsen that is well kept or has a nice top floor unit or duplex unit that could have owner occupied pontential, you may not be in that bad of shape……the question is how to find the buyer for that type of building in today’s market where there is so much choice.  Click the links below to view PDF’s of the properties that closed during June and July.

Pilsen – July ’09 Closed 2-4 Units

Pilsen – June ’09 Closed 2-4 Unit