Ouch. No Morgan El Stop. Bad Feds.

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 in West Loop, West Town, Wicker Park & Bucktown.

You bought ‘cuz you loved the scene….
The busy Randolph and Fulton market area.. which is lovely for it’s dichotomy of grungy fish smelling trucks backing up and blocking streets against hi-end galleries or shops… love it.. essential Chicago fix is gotten on a mid-day bike ride through here(highly recommended).
Here was this wonderful loft with ceilings you could bounced ideas around and enjoy the west setting son after work with a chardonnay chilled in your hand on your deck… but you didn’t plan on the long walk to the el… or to be clad to the bus for that long.. cuz you were banking on all the Realtors’ chatting up the probability of the el stop going in.
So if you bought a condo.. like a few I know counting on that Morgan street el stop of the green line materializing.. you bet wrong. But don’t worry you’ll meet more people walking and stay in shape walking to the further el stop east. The Morgan station (at 1000 west) was to be the first of a few stations between Clinton and Ashland.. to cover the rich creamy filling of the n’hood between.
Danny Davis says the station will be built… but don’t take that to the bank. Official said it would be open in 2012.. but now bets are off for it to be soon with the funding crisis in all directions.

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