New High School For Bridgeport!!

Posted on July 30th, 2010 in All Articles.

2013 will bring a new High School to Bridgeport. More than 1200 students will attend a new facility at 4700 s Hoyne. George Cardenas can take some credit for this of course. With drop out rates higher than 60% – it is believed that a new school that is centralized nearby will focus the community on retention and allow for it. This school is paid for by Modern School for Chicago initiave which is usng … of course… TIF money for a ONE BILLION expenditure to improve over 25 schools that are up now and being improve or are to be built.

The Public Building Commission Miles Davis School Is An Example Of A New School Built With These Fundshas enjoyed a long-standing association with the Chicago Public Schools, with the PBC designing and building new educational facilities, creating additions and annexes, and making renovations to existing buildings. The PBC manages millions of dollars of work for the Chicago Public Schools’ Development Program and has been instrumental in the “Modern Schools Across Chicago” initiative, a $1 billion dollar plan to bring brand new schools to Chicago’s communities.