Joe Dimaggio Got Home, But For How Long?

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 in Pilsen, Tri Taylor, West Loop, West Town.

Financial Troubles are rocking the Italian Sports Hall of fame. I pulled up and went in recently and put some money in the jar there… trying to help… but I hope someone really big steps in.
Maybe Mario can donate his ice sales for a few weeks or something.. one gives and the other gets you know.
My Grandfather Angelo Buoscio migrated from Italy and ended up on Taylor before he swung down to the 10th ward and dug ditches near the stell mills in the Hegewisch area.
He would be upset to see that he non profit group holding the hall of fame is hurting. The organization it seems is regrouping to keep the association alive. It would be a big blow to the Taylor street area to see such a collection of history in one place gone… poof to the economic downturn.
I hope someone out there with the ability can stop in and drop off more than a few bucks in the jar.