Is The Housing Market At Bottom?

Posted on November 16th, 2009 in All Articles, Market Conditions, Real Estate Videos.

For those of you trying to call the bottom… feel comforted in the company you have. Everyone’s talkng about it when it’s on the Morning and Evening Major news shows. The thing about this you have to stop and check in on is that The Value of Your Home is HYPERLOCAL. So general trends are important… they are only a third of the equation. For a more specific  CMA of your property just click the big button at the top of this screen.. or email me and I will pull up the market inventory, absorption rate and get within 5% of your market value and pdf you a report. It takes some critical thinking and some digging. Did you know that Zillow’s generic value guess program is often off (in my opinion) by 15%. It’s a generic look. So if you are basing your decisions to sell on news shows like this(below) please follow up with a local expert before you decide to stay or go. -Phil

Check out this video from the Early Show.  They discuss some areas nationally where it seems that the market may have bottomed out and might start seeing some appreciation in the next year.

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Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the Chicago market – Have we hit bottom or do you think we are in store for further losses?