Infastructure Coming To Il

Posted on August 4th, 2009 in All Articles.

Gov Quinn announced spending on a major infastructure program (mid July).
There’s a deficit of 5 B on way but I guess spending more generates economic activity?
Let’s hope there is money in this for infastrucute that supports urban living- and not more sprawl that causes further scattering of resources and effort away from improving out inner ring suburbs and the city itself.

Can anyone put a little emphasis on the redline expansion south past 95th? Or blue line n past ohare? Or on some road improvements that imprive the city life: overpass at the Fullerton and Damen strangler (traffic =wasted time and less time for family and kids,etc). He projects the money will support 439,000 jobs over the next six years, though projections weren’t immediately available on how many new jobs he expects the bill to create.

The bill, signed at Marshall High School on Chicago’s West side, won immediate praise Monday from many, including bicycle riders and advocates of higher education.

Union and labor leaders also applauded the bill because it has been 10 years since the state last had a major capital construction program.

Gambling opponents, however, were disappointed the construction plan relies heavily on a gambling expansion to pay for it.

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