Illinois Medical District New FBI HQ

Posted on July 22nd, 2010 in All Articles, Pilsen, West Loop.

Did you know that over 700 FBI agents moved just last year to the neighborhood on Roosevelt and Wood?  That big green tall glass building at Wood and Roosevelt now has a lot of high paid cop types working out of the building and they all need somewhere to live, eat and shop.  This is just one example of the power of the Illinois Medical District’s ability to bring jobs to the city’s center.  To keep high paying medical related jobs here in the city.  I have met with the higher-ups in the medical district before regarding zoning matters along West Taylor street and found them to be intentional and clear in their mission. Their quasi governmental/private bonding authority is targeted to develop the medical/tech related industries of the Chicago land area together and to engender a sense of community and collaboration within those businesses.  I used to live right up against the district at 16th and Paulina and would walk the dog and jog through the vast blocks of vacant lots.  I would watch as they grabbed property after property and tore down old buildings and turned them into green space to await the arrival of the long term job engine this area will be.

If you go to the website ( once in awhile and just read over all the press releases you see all that they are up to.

New bio-tech companies opening up.
A new vet clinic.
The Jewel mall on the corner of Roosevelt and Ashland was a product of the district. bvThat was their “ode” to the community, to give the busy corner of the district something that the community needed badly, groceries, a bank, subway and retail.  Now that mall is critical to the quality of life in Pilsen.  I remember moving into Pilsen and driving for groceries (2001) and then I saw the Jewel mall going in and what a relief it was.