Farmers Market in Bridgeport Could We Hope For A Starbucks next

Posted on September 2nd, 2010 in Bridgeport, Chinatown.

So I love Bridgeport. I sure wish they would get a starbucks so I didn’t have to get on the expressway at 31st without a fresh cup in hand… of my specific joe… and I think the housing values would go up 1% if Alderman you know who would put a little effort on getting that Starbucks and the Ramova Theatre fixed up– I have visions of another Music Box type or Davis type theatre I can trip to on Friday nights. How long can Alderman Balcer walk by the Ramova and not call Daley up and get some darn money to fix the place up??!! I mean they both grew up there – with 750 million sitting around in banks with extra tif balances as of this August (according to the Reader article) can’t they find a few million for the home ‘hood? !!
You have to wonder.

Other than the cool Zhou brothers cafe that I am digging… another cool thing going on in Bridgeport is the farmers market at 35th and Wallace… the day I was there there was alot of fresh produce and cheese and flowers. I saw flyers around Chinatown for this fest.. but there were not alot of people there just when I stopped by with the dog to walk through and get some strawberries.

Last year I guess the market was held on Sundays… but the city switched it to Saturdays due to parking ussues. Of course the area has a ban when my prized White Sox are home kicking some butt but the games don’t start unti six usually.. so the drivers to the market are not impacted by this.


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