Chicago Short Sales: How to write a Hardship Letter

Posted on September 20th, 2010 in Short Selling/Buying.

Chicago IL – A hardship letter is one of the most important items in a short sale. This is your opportunity to explain why your lender should approve your short sale and let you walk away from the debt. In clear terms, you need to layout exactly why you can no longer afford to keep the property.

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Under no circumstance should you say any of the following. “I don’t want the house anymore.” “It doesn’t make sense to keep the house because it isn’t worth what I owe on the mortgage.” Or, “I can afford the house, but I think paying the mortgage is a bad investment.” Absolutely do not say anything like that. Instead, say the following.

“Our income went down and we can no longer afford the house.” “I lost my job and we are running out of money fast.” Or, “I would love to keep the house, but in our financial state forbids that.” Your hardship letter is your best shot at selling the short sale negotiator on approving the short sale and releasing you from the debt. What you say matters.

Here is a sample layout for a hardship letter.

Your name and the address of the property.

Your mortgage company info and your loan number.

State that you are having problems and would like to sell your property as a short sale.

State the reasons you are having financial problems.

Explain your situation in a little more detail.

Finalize the request.

Put your name down.

Sign and date above your name.

Here are some of the acceptable hardships you can put in your hardship letter.

Loss of job.

Loss of income.

Business Failure.

Unexpected medical bills.

Military Duty.

Death in the family.


Illness of breadwinner.

Forced relocation for work.

Please keep in mind that a real person will read your hardship letter on the other end. That person is probably super busy. It is helpful to bold certain items and keep the letter under 2 pages long.

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