Chicago Short Sale Question: Can My Lender Force Me To Repay Them?

Chicago Short Sale Question: Can My Lender Force Me To Repay Them?

Posted on September 30th, 2011 in All Articles, Short Selling/Buying.

Chicago IL – A lot of homeowners want to short sale and walk away from the upside down debt. They don’t feel that it is their fault the housing market crashed.

We get the following questions a lot.

“If I short sale, then how likely is it that my lender will sue me to repay them?”

“Will my lender garnish my wages or take money out of my bank account?” So I will answer those questions in today’s post.

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The answer is that it is unlikely that any of that will happen.

Here is the #1 reason this usually doesn’t happen. About 65-70% of all short sale lenders will allow you to walk away owing nothing. The remaining lenders are usually too busy or disorganized to do anything.

Lawsuits cost money and they usually don’t get enough money back to justify the expense.

Here is the #2 reason this usually doesn’t happen. You can’t squeeze money out of someone who doesn’t have any money. The lenders know (from past experience) that if they push a debtor to hard, then that person will just declare bankruptcy.

So the lender gets no money anyways, but they lost money on the lawsuit and collection tactics. (Bankers don’t like to lose money.)

In addition, wage garnishment is difficult. There are many different exceptions and protections against wage garnishment.

For example, if the person being garnished is the main provider for a family, then the laws are often written to stop any garnishment against them.

This is why 80% of all judgments expire uncollected. Even though the legal system gives lenders lots of collection rights most judgments still expire unpaid.

I know these stats may not be very comforting. If you are still concerned, then contact a good bankruptcy or consumer defense attorney. Thinking about a short sale? Visit for the most up to date information on Chicago short sales and how we can help you sell your home in this market.

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