Chicago Foreclosure Avoidance Help: Another Common Loan Modification Mistake and How To Avoid It

Chicago Foreclosure Avoidance Help: Another Common Loan Modification Mistake and How To Avoid It

Posted on November 16th, 2012 in All Articles.

Chicago IL – Here is another common loan modification mistake that many homeowners make. They accept a very short term payment agreement that is not a loan modification.

They could have gotten a real modification, but settled for whatever the lender recommended to them. They settled for what is called forbearance. Here’s how it works.

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A forbearance does not reduce your payments. It doesn’t reduce your back payments, or reduces them very little. The lender just allows you to catch up on all the debt over a set time period.

You start paying your normal payments again. In addition, you also have to pay extra every month to catch up the back payments.

Many homeowners are so desperate to keep their home that they agree to this. It is the first thing recommended by their lender and they just accept it.

In most cases, the homeowner could have received a real loan modification with genuine relief. In some cases this is good for the homeowner.

They didn’t experience a big drop in income and can afford the payment. But, if their income was reduced, then they are setting themselves up for failure. Why?

Many lenders have a policy that they won’t negotiate a loan modification with someone who has already defaulted on a forbearance or loan modification.

No, they won’t admit this in public. And it usually isn’t a written policy. They just simply put people asking for a new modification on the back burner.

The bottom line: Don’t accept a forbearance unless you can afford the payments. If you do accept it and later default, then you are putting yourself at a much higher risk of losing your home.

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