Buyer’s! Start By Reading This-Save Big!!!

Posted on December 1st, 2009 in All Articles, Market Conditions, Neighborhoods.

We offer a Triple Benefits Plan With Retainer–the only plan of it’s kind we know of in the Chicago Market. 312-330-3730

Information is one thing and it’s easy to get a list of homes…But advice and direction are priceless.

What do we have to offer to you as a Buyer looking to buy a home?

Well first, let’s start by saying you don’t “pay” your Buyer agent. Your buyer agent is compensated 99% of the time by the Seller of the property – but in Illinois there is a neat twist in the law. Even thought the Seller is paying the buyer agent a commission(indirectly through the Seller’s agent who splits it) the Buyer Agent is YOUR agent and REPRESENTS ONLY YOU! So why wouldn’t you use one? In fact, why wouldn’t you use the BEST ONE? !!! Like one who has closed over 250 homes in 5 years.. and helped dozens and dozens of buyers in a guided process through the pitfalls and homes, and backyards … and learned so much — in a deep way about the very communities you are about to consider. Or ones you didn’t know you might have liked… until that agent suggested it.

Your buyer agent – if full time like ours– does “home searching” day in and day out. Your agent knows the market and likely is going to make suggestions, give you advice, help you ascertain the best value and point you to the best deals in the market of your choice. They will save you time, money… and from making big mistakes in such a HUGE decision. And in 5 years when the market cranks back upward… and your the one who was lucky and “bought in 2010″ you’ll be sitting on great equity(we hope).

So here is a intro to our system. We have done this so many times we have it to the point of a proven “system” we take you through. A journey of sorts. We do it at your pace… and don’t pressure you. But it’s designed around a typical “45 day” timeline.

Good Deal Buying


Finding You A Good Deal On Great Property in 45 Days!

At Better Living Realty Our Home Buying System is a process not an Event.
We Create a Partnership —
We are with you every step of the way!

vThis 45 Day System saves you time and money.

vWe offer a Triple Benefits Plan With Retainer–the only plan of it’s kind we know of in the Chicago Market.
vBenefit 1: We return a 40% return on your money (a $700 check at closing)
This increases to $1000 if you are under contract in 45 days or less
vBenefit 2: we give you 1 year of “list to sell for free for any reason”
vBenefit 3: a 2 year Job Guarantee to “list to sell for free if you have job troubles”

QUESTION: When you work with a Buyer Specialst how do we start?
Step 1: We Meet. You interview us. We interview you. We sit at the computer and look at properties and run payment schedules and get what you would be comfortable with.
Then we simply ask you… Ok.. do you want to Form a Partnership?
IF you say – yeah. Then we for a “Exclusive Agency”
We then review our optional Retainer program that offers you a Stimulus 40% return on your money with cash back at closing and a Gaurantee(1 yr) and Job Insurance(2 yr) two year sell for free policy. If you want have the benefits you buy into them–if not you don’t.
You thought those websites you have were helping you–but now you get the KING of all websites with very specific and customized focus and daily watch/alerts. We talk via this website and post notes to each other and grade homes back and forth.
We use this site as the core of our seach to plan our buyer outings each week.. and we set times that we plan showings. I call and set them up, I map them and build an itinerary including researching census data for you on the areas of interest… then we go on showings.
Then we hit the pavement and go look at homes… but not until we build you a custom website based on your home criteria.

vNow Remember:
The agent’s Commission paid by the Seller but you are represented and you get a legally binded partner in the process who has tons of experience!
Some buyers think that because they can get “information” online that they can go this alone.
No… no… There is so much to buying well and getting a great deal.
I see so many make the mistake of buying a condo who really could have and would have bought a home or a 2 flat if I just got to talk to them before they walked into that shiny new development sales center and signed on the line.
Call us… Talk to us first. (312-330-3730). Interview us. We will interview you. If you don’t like us as buyer agents then walk out. We know we have alot to offer… do yourself the favor on your largest purchase to date. Buy with the help of a pro who is going to ask you to look far into your future and ask you what your goals are–and challenge you to think about what neighborhood, which el stop, which type of house, how many bedrooms, which type of finishes… etc. etc. are important to you and your future.


I will ask you what your expectations are.

What is the Amount of Total Housing Payment Per Month that you would like to pay?
(This would include principal/interest, assessments, and taxes. )
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being very likely, what is the probability that you will buy a home within the next 60 days?
How many properties do you expect to see before you make a decision?
The average of 2006 buyers was 8 properties, in 2008 it was 21. Keep in mind… by using internet tools allows us to narrow and focus positively.
What is the list price/sale price ratio you expect to pay on the property you buy?
The average in Chicago neighborhoods varies from 93% to 98%. I will pull stats on the area you are targeting.

Ground Rules To Working Together
Let’s see if our ground rules are something you can agree to.

1. I will Do all the following for you:
Identify available residential properties that meet your needs
Negotiate the best contract price and terms possible
Oversee the closing process
Arrange and oversee inspections
Work with your lawyer and lender to ensure the quickest, most hassle-free process of your purchase
Discretion: while we work together, I will safeguard and protect any confidential and proprietary information that you may disclose to me
Disclosure: notify you of any factual information I might have that would materially affect your decision
2. All you need to do in return is:
Go see every property with me.
This is how I get paid due to procuring cause.
This includes For Sale By Owner”fsbo” s-I request you let me make first contact so I
can negotiate a professional commission fee from them before we enter. If a Fsbo won’t pay my commission I ask you to cover it through a closing cost credit.
Open houses are ok to go alone and sign my name next to yours with my phone
 number (not yours and not your email).