A Glimpse Of Hiring Stirs Hope 

Posted on February 1st, 2011 in All Articles, Market Conditions, Other Real Estate.

The nations unemployment rate is still in the higher altitude over 9.3, but a National organization that surveys companies and industries found a 39 percent increase in projected hires to occur in the first half of 2011 in the real estate and finance industries.
It won’t be enough to stir housing to recover but a blurb of good news might help get a few more buyers out for spring.

The employment picture for the real estate and finance industries stands out above the rest. Those expecting large rounds of layoffs fell to just 1 percent, compared to 6 percent a year ago.

I think (and experts agree) job creation must be the engine for the housing and mortgage industry to get out of excessive supply and create demand.  Jobs are needed to stem delinquencies and foreclosures. And of course a job will always give a renter a reason to buy or a current owner a reason to buy up.