7 reasons homes do NOT sell !

Posted on August 12th, 2009 in All Articles.

Phil Buoscio’s 7 Reasons
I’m a Seller specialist who’s closed 75 Million since 04′ and I have tuned up on this issue From hundreds of listings
(below is the Tribunes generalized Ideas on the same topic)
If your listing didn’t sell it did not because only 1 of 5 will sell and yours was overlooked because :

1. Your Price strategy didn’t create “cuts” to give it the feel of a “deal”. This takes more work and planning and price management by your realtors to cause “auctionlike” excitement. It also takes honest talk and hard research about where the market will be in 90 days not where it is now. Price ahead not behind!

2. You must be Light, Lean and bright! You never decluttered, staged For everyone. Emphasis on everyone. Stage for “all” not yourself-listen to us- we know the “middle way” where most buyers will find themselves most comfortable. You not only will sell if staged right but u will sell for 3% more and 20% faster.

3. Your realtor didn’t give the buyers and their agent the space during the showing they needed to “get” the house. Those listing agents who pitch and follow undo all your properties wonders. The buyer agents need time and privacy with their client to synthesize and help them visualize. Pitch and get out of their way!

4. Follow up! The buyer saw it and forgot about it. Follow thru! the follow thru is where they remember it. The buyers and their agents forgot about your property as the price dropped- because they saw 20 others. Worse off, your agent didn’t court the maybe interested buyers with charm, artfully parking voicemail reminders offering value, and sprinkling suggestive emails with bonuses and convenience related information in inboxes. Buyers see an average of 21 homes now – up from 8 a few years ago. The buyer cycle is longer. We have to run the marathon for you with text, voice and email.

5. Your photos weren’t enlightened. We photo then photo shop. Ahem… May I say there is such thing as make up for a underlit room. Well a pro realtor pays the few hundred extra bucks to do it right. A part timer who has listings and buyers and another job shoots them ontheir phone camera and uploads them that night without makeup added.

6. Web optimization. If you google your address and it only has one result on google direct to your sale effort your agent is… If you spend alot on staff you can get a listing exposed to the myriad of locations now available through direct feeds.

7. You didn’t spend the money. Painting, maintenance, landscaping prep…. And in paying a high enough commission to spark your Realtors agenda and The Buyers’ Realtors agenda. Be the agenda– offer an incentive bonus – if you sell on 90 days pay a bonus, etc. Believe me- it gets you noticed.

Daily Real Estate News | August 3, 2009 | Share
6 Reasons Why Some Homes Sell
Why do some houses sell and others don’t?

There’s no ultimate answer to this question, but Tribune Media Services columnist Ilyce Glink has a theory.

Here are her six top reasons properties linger on the market:
Lousy pictures on the Web.
Priced too high for the neighborhood.
Blah interior; ho-hum landscaping.
Little online marketing and hard-to-find MLS listings.
Low commissions. Practitioners make sure their customers see properties that offer a payoff.
Miserable maintenance, including ceiling stains, leaky faucets, and ancient furnaces.

Source: Tribune Media Services, Ilyce Glink (08/02/2009)

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