Wicker Park Historic Points

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If you haven’t done a walking tour of these blocks please do!
My personal favorte tid bit is that Nelson Algren (Man with a golden arm Siantra movie based on his book) takes place in Wicker. The ex location of the Busy Bee where the Blue line cafe is on Damen under the el was the main hangout in the movie. It was shot in a sound studio but the ambiance of the corner and the bee restaurant is in the movie. Nelson Algren lived on evergeen just west of Damen in a three flat. There is a sign up in front. He also lived for awhile over miller lumber in the rooms there.

Here is a little bit on the historic district.

Wicker Park District
Address: Bounded by Bell, Caton, Leavitt, Potomac and “L” tracks
Year Built: 1870-1930
Architects: Various
Date Designated a Chicago Landmark:
April 12, 1991
This area is named for the triangular-shaped public park that developer-politician Charles Wicker, and his brother Joel, donated to the city in 1870. The large residences that line the park and nearby streets reflect the wide variety of styles and materials characteristic of Chicago between the Fire of 1871 and the early-20th century.

Pierce and Hoyne streets feature some of the city’s largest and best examples of Victorian-era architecture and, due to the large number of brewery owners who built residences on Hoyne, that street became known as “Beer Baron Row.” Early inhabitants were largely German and Scandinavian in origin, although a later influx of Polish immigrants led to the area being called the “Polish Gold Coast.”

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1. Streetscape, 1996, photo by Bob Thall
2. 2138 W. Pierce, photo by CCL
3. 2135 W. Pierce, photo by CCL
4. 1521 N. Hoyne, 1986, by Robert Begolka
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