Posted on January 26th, 2010 in All Articles, Market Conditions.

Just out this week and seeing crazy great deals. Prices are back to 2002 or earlier now. Like a time machine reversed it all. Buyers–it’s time to get going and get in action. Call or email us for a website search to “lock on” the area of your choice to get you armed and ready and ready to get on your first appointment.

What a great time to buy!  The tax credit for first time or repeat buyers is primed and waiting for you. Prices are down. Rates are hovering the low 5% range.  FHA loans are still a great option… they are a 3.5%  loan  (soon to go up a few percent).   Many of you likley have questions about FHA. There are quick video’s here summarizing the benefits of FHA and the most frequently asked questions.

Learn about FHA. If your wondering if there is a lot of red tape–you’ll see from the video it is not .   The conventional market has moved away from low down payment products but the FHA down payment is 3.5% (likely to go up to about 5% any day) .  video


Here is a quick summary of the benefits of borrowing fha– the benefits  are huge.